Recombinant Enzymes

Reaffirms and Rejuvenates with naturalness and harmony

Treatment with recombinant or bioactive enzymes is one of the latest innovations in aesthetic dermatology and consists of mesotherapy sessions to eliminate cellulite, stretch marks or scars, reduce localized fat or tighten the skin, among other uses. The results are visible in a very short time and it does not produce irritations or side effects.

What are Recombinant Enzymes?

Enzymes are molecules of a protein nature that exist in our body and that selectively channel metabolic processes. Its main function is to form and degrade compounds.

Recombinant enzymes are pure biological products obtained by biotechnology. They are made with recombinant technology. They are highly selective (each one exerts its action on a specific substrate). They are lyophilized, which allows them to maintain 100% of their properties and thus achieve the highest standards of purity and quality in the market.

Types of Recombinant Enzymes


Reduces and effectively digests localized fat, without destroying cells, making it highly safe and far superior to any fat burner.


It is powerful firming, smoothes the skin, and relaxes collagen fibers, visibly reducing orange peel skin and fibrotic and edematous cellulite.


Helps increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, as well as increase dermal permeability. This, together with its high quality, makes it one of the best and most complete treatments for cellulite and fluid retention.

The combination of these three enzymes makes it a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE treatment. The results are visible in a very short time and it does not produce irritations or side effects.


  • Fight sagging

  • Eliminate cellulite

  • Scar correction

  • Stretch marks treatment

  • Eliminate localized fat (example: lower cheekbones, double chin, chin, etc.)

  • Erase wrinkles

  • Profiling and reducing the facial contour

  • Improve post-acne scars

  • Minimize orange peel