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Polycaprolactone Treatment


Solubilized Active and Biodegradable Polymer Technology with Collagen Enablement
Without the usage of microparticles, DEXLEVO’s patented technology allows for the regeneration of natural skin collagen.


It is an intradermal polycaprolactone filler that prolongs the fading of wrinkles and the remodeling of facial features. For months, Gouri encourages the synthesis of its own collagen, which is also of superior quality.

The Treatment:

Our healthcare professional will clean the area and apply a topical numbing cream to help minimize any discomfort during the procedure.

This collagen booster is a minimally invasive procedure where a cannula or needle is used to place it deep into the dermis.

The results of the treatment are not immediate, and over time, the face gradually relaxes with minimal inflammation.

As days pass, the filler stimulates the production of new collagen in the skin, leading to an improved appearance and prolonged results over time.

Treatment info

Medical Evaluation Required
15 minutes
Effect duration
3 years
Check Up
After 1 Month
Pain (0-10)

3 features of total anti-aging solution with gouri


GOURI naturally spreads and regenerates collagen on the entire face.

Natural & Sustainable Improvements

GOURI restores the collagen synthesis rate which has
decreased due to skin aging and rejuvenates the skin, making it younger and healthier.

Easy to Use

GOURI needs only 10 injection points for the entire face

Unlike existing fillers, GOURI has no microparticles.

Microparticle-free composition allows GOURI to be solubilized homogenously in the water, yielding a smoother extrusion force that is acceptable for use of 30G – 35G needles as necessary for injection.

GOURI is injected uniformly into dermal or subdermal layer.

GOURI, as a biodegradable polymer, degrades naturally due to hydrolysis.
Compared to hyaluronic acid, it has a longer cosmetic performance.

Recovery information

After treatment:

Sleep on your back, Don’t lay down on your face, don’t rub your face, don’t use hats or glasses, for the next 2 days. Avoid saunas, pools or beaches in 5 days. Don´t exercise in 2 days. Don´t drink alcohol or smoke in 48 hours.


Swelling, bruises and redness may occur, the recovery time it´s in 5 days approx

Effect Duration:

On average you´ll be able to enjoy the results for 3 years.

Why use Gouri?

Spreadability: GOURI has the ability to naturally spread and stimulate collagen production across the entire face.

Long-lasting results: GOURI provides sustainable outcomes by preventing skin aging through deep skin rejuvenation.

Natural enhancement: GOURI helps restore the reduced collagen synthesis caused by skin aging, resulting in a rejuvenated and improved appearance of the skin.

Free intake

Rejuvenate Clinic offers consultations with one of our physicians prior to any treatment or treatments you may express interest in. We use our intakes to consider possible medical objections to desired treatments, map out treatment areas and offer personalized advice in line with your preferences and options.


GOURI is the 1st liquid type PCL (polycaprolactone) injectable. GOURI rejuvenates our skin by promoting collagenesis.

Skin rejuvenation typically produces visible results within six to eight weeks of the procedure and continue to improve over time. For best results, a course of 4-6 treatments is typically recommended; However, even after just one treatment, there is improvement in the skin.visual results within 1-3 months.

It depends on a person. PCL is a high molecular material. It usually takes 3 years for the PCL to get degraded in the

We recommend to use GOURI on the face only. We are collecting clinical data about other indications, such as hand, neck

It is totally different from other high polymer products. Existing products are not fully liquid. They are formed by mixing of
high polymer material powder (such as PCL and PLLA) with liquid saline or CMC gel. As a result, they can’t spread out into
the entire face and have a high risk of complications. They give effect on the localized part only. Moreover, there is a risk of
hypercorrection in cases when too much of material is injected.
GOURI as the 1st fully liquid type PCL injectable, spreads out into the entire face.

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